How To Create A Productivity Boosting Workspace In Doha?

March 04, 2024

How To Create A Productivity Boosting Workspace In Doha

At the core of a thriving business is productivity. If you're aiming to up your employees' game, it's time to give your office setup a little TLC. It's not just about the location – take a peek at the furniture arrangement, equipment setup, the vibes flowing between workspaces, and the overall energy of your office. Let's make your workplace the go-to spot for focus and achievements, even if it is a small office space for rent.

1. Begin By Focusing On Individual Desks And Immediate Surroundings.

When designing a workspace, desks and offices take precedence. Employee's personal workspace is one of the most overlooked factors that affect productivity. Whether it's sifting through drawers for important documents or dealing with clutter, a clean and efficient desk setup is essential for productivity. Employees have unique work preferences; some thrive in bustling common areas, while others require quiet spaces devoid of typical office distractions. With many offices adopting open floor plans, finding peace and focus at individual desks becomes increasingly challenging amidst the constant flow of interruptions from colleagues.

2. Invest in Workplace Ergonomics

Business ergonomics plays a significant role in enhancing employee well-being. Just think about it – if you're not physically comfortable, how productive can you truly be? According to a report According to a report, the top improvement desired by employees for their workspace was comfortable furniture (39.6%). A quarter of respondents expressed a preference for better lighting. Comfortable office furniture and improved lighting are just the beginning when it comes to business ergonomics – they're the essentials every employer should prioritize.

3. Minimize Workplace Interruptions

Distractions, in various forms, can significantly disrupt productivity for anyone. It takes up to 23 minutes to fully regain focus once it's broken, which can be a substantial chunk of time in an office setting. Some distractions are within our control – like turning off music, eliminating unnecessary installations, or adjusting lighting that hinders focus. However, when it comes to more impactful interruptions, they're not as easily ignored. It's crucial to foster a coworking space where employees respect each other's dedicated work periods, avoid disruptions, and promote open communication about blackout periods.

4. Introduce Greenery to the Workplace

Incorporating more plants into the office is an easy strategy to enhance employee productivity. The presence of plant life not only improves air quality by increasing oxygen levels but also creates a more natural and refreshing office environment. The impact of having plants around employees' desks and throughout the building might pleasantly surprise you.

5. Create a Dynamic Office Layout

When creating a workspace for a team, it's crucial to consider the overall layout and how it influences employee interaction with the entire space. Examine the placement of various elements and how they impact the flow of employees' daily activities. Strategic placement doesn't mean making everything overly convenient, where employees never leave their desks. In fact, your workspace design should actively encourage employees to move around during the day, fostering stress reduction and enhancing productivity.

Wrapping it up!

As you build your actual office space, think about weaving in a company culture that revolves around your employees – one that puts engagement and well-being front and center. Be intentional about your values and what matters most, making sure your physical setup mirrors them. Seeking top-notch serviced offices for rent and business services? Swing by Global Business Centre. We've got cutting-edge offices for rent, all based in one of the swankiest spots in Doha.