5 Office Interior Design Tips To Increase Productivity

may 17, 2022

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From the open floor plans and boring colour schemes of the early 2000s to the ping-pong tables and stylish cafeterias of the late 2010s, the modern office space has seen plenty of changes since the new millennium.

While office trends come and go, what doesn’t change is the impact of the office environment on employee productivity and overall wellbeing. The average employee spends a whopping 1800 hours annually in an office, and it’s no wonder that companies spend so much time designing the perfect office space that motivates employees to deliver their best.

Several studies indicate that various components of our environment – noise, temperature, and light – play a huge role in determining the quality of your work output. The right workspace design helps create an ambient and soothing atmosphere that enhances productivity.

Here are some tips to improve employee productivity by making the right changes to your coworking space or rented office:

1: Create A Quiet Zone For Focused Work

While an open office plan helps increase office capacity and reduce overhead costs, several studies indicate that an open office is not the best choice for productivity. The lack of privacy causes multiple distractions and can make it difficult for employees to focus on intensive tasks.

You can create a quiet zone in your office by using dividers that separate the main office space into distraction-free zones. Make this space available to anyone who wants to work on intensive tasks without distractions.

2: Focus On The Right Ergonomics

Cramping wrists, achy backs and sore necks can make employees lose focus on their tasks. Several studies indicate that a poor desk setup can lead to various chronic medical conditions that negatively impact both quality of work and overall wellbeing.

You can combat these adverse effects by installing ergonomic desks and chairs in your office. Adjustable standing desks and ergonomically designed chairs with supportive backrests and neck-rests can keep employees comfortable at their desks and improve productivity.

3: Encourage Movement

Our bodies are made to move and not sit hunched over a desk all day.

When people are glued to their desks, they are likely to encounter creative blocks and feel stuck in their work. So, look for ways to encourage movement around the office to increase productivity. Employees who have an active lifestyle are happier and ultimately more productive. Regular exercise increases the blood flow to the brain, improving employees' concentration and decision-making skills.

Here are a few ways to encourage movement at work:

  • Provide storage facilities for bicycles so that employees can ride to work
  • Open and accessible stairways that encourage employees to use stairs instead of lifts
  • Standing workstations
  • Space for yoga or other aerobic activities

4: Allow Ample Natural Light

Sunlight makes people happy, and the happier your employees are, the more focused they are on their work.

If your office is in a dingy space with little to no natural light, employees might feel dull and tired throughout the day. Several studies indicate that natural light in the workplace increases sleep quality, helping employees feel refreshed and recharged the next day.

Here are a few ways to maximize natural light in your office:

  • Open up windows and curtains to let in ample natural light
  • If there is no natural light, you can install light bulbs that simulate natural light, or you can consider installing light therapy devices

5.Make Meeting Rooms Comfortable & Functional

Senior employees spend a lot of their daily office time in meetings. Middle managers spend nearly 35% of their workday in meetings, and senior managers spend around 50% of their daily office time in meeting rooms.

Like the rest of the office, meeting rooms should have ample natural light and ergonomic furniture that is comfortable and functional. Use the right colours, eliminate distractions, and install ergonomic furniture to make the meeting room efficient so attendees can focus and engage in creative brainstorming sessions.

Improve Office Design To Boost Productivity

You've hired an excellent team and cannot wait for them to deliver their best. However, to get the best possible results, you need to provide your employees with the perfect environment. A fully furnished office for rent can provide your team with the right ambiance to boost productivity and deliver the best results.

Use these tips to design an ergonomic office space that energises and motivates your team to deliver their best!