Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Satellite Office In Qatar

September 27, 2022

Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Satellite Office In Qatar

As your business grows, having just one central headquarters might start to feel like a handicap. Maybe you’ve got several employees to fit comfortably in your existing office, or maybe you’re looking to capitalize the opportunities in the MENA region and want to set up an office in Qatar.

Whatever be the reason, opening a satellite office is an excellent way to grow and expand your business. In this article, we discuss why a small office for rent in Doha works as a great satellite office for your company.

What Is A Satellite Office?

A satellite office is nothing but a branch office. It can be located a few miles away from your main headquarters or even located in an entirely different country like Qatar. The size of satellite offices varies depending on the number of employees who work from there and the purpose of the space. Generally, satellite offices are smaller than the flagship office.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Satellite Office In Qatar?

Whether you’re looking to provide employees in the Middle East with a comfortable space to work from or whether you’re looking to explore the vast opportunities available in the MENA region, here are the top benefits of using a furnished office for rent in Qatar as your satellite office:

Flexible Work Options For Employees

Prior to the pandemic, the vast majority of employees spent a major part of their day commuting to and from their workplaces. With the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, employees had to adapt to working from home. Now, that restrictions have been lifted, employees are looking to make their way back to the office.

A satellite office is an excellent choice if you’re looking to develop a regional hub. For example, if you currently have several employees in the Middle East, you can establish a small satellite office in Doha to help them get back to the office without having to relocate halfway around the world.

Attract New Talent

Qatar and the rest of the Middle East is a thriving location to hire young and talented employees. Previously, you might have had one office in New York or San Fransico and your hiring range was limited only to these cities. By investing in a satellite office, you can hire local talent that live within commuting distance of the new office space. Another added advantage is that it’s more affordable to hire talent in the Middle East compared to other expensive cities like New York and London.

Connect To The Local Customer Base

The Middle East is not just a thriving hub of talent but also offers incredible business opportunities. By investing in an office space for rent in Doha you can build a strong local presence that helps you capitalize on the incredible business opportunities available in the region. A local presence with a local address goes a long way in helping you establish trust and build brand value among the local customers.

Enjoy Cost Savings

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of a satellite office is the incredible cost-savings. A 5000 sq.ft office in Doha is several times cheaper and affordable compared to renting the same space in New York, London, Tokyo or other capitals. With a hub-and-spoke model, you can reduce your overhead, helping you enjoy bigger profits.

Find The Best Satellite Office For Rent In Qatar

Just because a satellite office is smaller than your headquarters, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the available facilities. Luckily, at GBC we help you find the best furnished office for rent with all the latest amenities included – conference rooms, high-speed internet connectivity, ergonomic cubicles, lounges and kitchens. The best part – we take care of all the cleaning and maintenance, so you don’t have to bother yourself with hiring local teams to take care of routine office administration.

Get in touch with our team here at GBC to know how we can help you find the best serviced office for rent in Qatar.