Adding Greenery: The Many Benefits Of Adding Plants To Your Office In Qatar

June 06, 2022

Adding Greenery: The Many Benefits Of Adding Plants To Your Office In Qatar

Though we live in tall, steel skyscrapers, human beings are creatures of nature. We have an innate desire to be connected with Mother Earth and there's even a scientific term for this feeling known as "biophilia." Unfortunately, modern life prevents us from forging a connection to our natural environment. This is why adding greenery to our living spaces helps.

Office plants aren't merely ornamental. They provide tons of benefits to employees and their organizations. Here are the top reasons to add potted plants to your office for rent in Qatar.

1. Reduce Stress

You don't have to motivate your employees to engage in physical activity or spend hundreds of Rials to visit a therapist to destress (though those things could be helpful too)! Several studies indicate that adding natural plants and greenery to your indoor spaces reduces stress levels and improves productivity.

2. Increased Concentration & Creativity

Studies indicate a strong link between creativity and the presence of office plants. So, if you're looking to get your employee's creative juices flowing, you've got to invest in plants for your office. And, if your employees are chugging down cup after cup of coffee to stay alert and awake, you need to add potted plants to their desks ASAP! Several studies indicate that viewing nature like plants or flowers relaxes the human brain and helps to increase focus and concentration.

3. Free Air Purifier

Well, this one's obvious. Our primary school science lessons teach us that plants create oxygen while drawing in carbon dioxide. Have you ever walked into an office that smelled like dirty, wet rags? In today's modern offices with central air conditioning, it’s not possible to leave the windows open all the time. So, the best way to clean indoor air (instead of investing thousands of Rials on expensive air purifiers) is to add potted plants. Some indoor plants even remove toxins like benzene, formaldehyde and hexane from the air!

4. Reduce Noise Levels

Do you hate working in a noisy and cluttered environment? You don't have to refurnish your serviced office for rent with those expensive sound-absorbing foam sheets and boards. You can reduce noise levels in the office by 5 decibels by strategically positioning a hedge of plants between different sections of the office.

4: Flexible Contracts

Traditional office space for rent often requires a long-term lease agreement, and you have to sign the lease contract for at least a few years. This puts you in a difficult position if you want to relocate down the line.

5. Reduce Sick Days

Can you believe that your office space might be making your employees sick? Surprisingly, several employees report reduced physical discomfort in an office with multiple plants. By adding the right indoor plants to your office, you can reduce headaches, skin problems, coughs, colds, stuffy noses and sore throats. With reduced sick days, your employees will not be calling in sick, completing their tasks on time while shooting up productivity levels.

Now that we've convinced you of the top benefits of adding potted plants to your office, the big question is,

Which Is The Best Office Plant In Qatar?

We're glad that you asked. Any plant that is easy to maintain and can survive indoors is a good choice. Here are a few indoor office plants to consider for your small office for rent in Qatar:

  • Rubber tree plant: Its shiny, beautiful leaves don't require much care. For the best results, place it on a windowsill, preferably in indirect sunlight. Water once or twice a week or after the soil gets dry.
  • English ivy plant: If you’re looking for an air-purifying plant, this one’s a great choice. It requires plenty of sunlight and warmth to thrive.
  • Peace lily: If your office space doesn’t receive much sunlight, get a peace lily as it grows better in the shade. Keep the soil moist but do not overwater.

Other choices include spider plant, snake plant, money plant, parlor palm, aloe plant, lemon balm and any types of cactus and succulents that make excellent choices for the Qatari sunlight.