Business Support

Arriving n a new country can be a daunting experience on its own. add to that the legal red tape needed to set up your business and the experience can be utterly overwhelming.


  • Marketing and sales support teams.
  • Accounting services.
  • Legal services.
  • Business representation at governmental bodies.
  • Visa and work permit processing.
  • Securing trade licenses.
  • Clarity of laws and rules.
  • Seek approvals from Ministries
  • Set up bank accounts.
  • Initial business setup consultancy.
  • Local sponsorship.
  • Advice and consultancy.
  • Draft documents, assemble files and manage submissions, translations, notarization and legalization.

The Added benefit of our office services is greater productivity Waiting around in ministerial offices. running from one government body to another is time consuming. 

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