Virtual Offices

Across our business center, we provide a range of virtual office products for individuals or businesses who need a representative office but do not require full time office space. We have a wide variety of virtual office customers across of our center, ranging from start-up businesses, individuals requiring a business address, established companies seeking new markets, to international organizations looking for Qatar base. 


  • A virtual office enables companies to use our prestigious addresses without the need to rent a full time office. flexible and cost effective, a virtual office provides businesses with all the benefits of a serviced office (without the actual office space), including telephone answering, mai handing, meeting rooms, touchdown areas and ful l business support. In addition, a virtual office enables businesses to 'grow' n to office space as their business plan unfolds. Whether you're a startup business, a home-worker requiring a city base, or an international company seeking a base in a new country, a virtual office can provide a highly effective solution. Opportunity to 'grow' in to an office at a later date whilst keeping your business address and phone numbers
  • Virtual offices are suitable for Entrepreneurial.
  • Small businesses or enterprises which do not wish to make the financial commitment to a longer term lease deal. This class of client likely also benefits from not having to add administrative and support personnel to payroll, with al the pursuant HR costs (benefits, insurance, recruitment).
  • Businesses Location which are typically headquartered abroad or is another region of the country which require a business presence in the area of operation of the business center. Very often, these are sales or businesses development teams.
  • Overflow Typically a large company experiencing growth, with traditional leased space is the area which it has outgrown. These can be short-term requirements (3-6 months) for a small number of users.
  • Interim clients that are in the process of moving from one space to another, and may be facing delays in the completion of the new space.
  • Project-based Clients that have a specific need for office space, based on a specific contract or project. Examples Include film production teams or attorneys is the discovery process.

For more information about virtual offices, our products, rates and services, please contact us.

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